synnack @ High Voltage Circumcision on WZBC

by Clint on September 3rd 2009

synnack is confirmed to perform live on High Voltage Circumcision on WZBC in Newton, MA on Sunday September 13th 2009. (10PM-1AM EST) The plan is to do 2 short sets with an interview in between. You can listen ... (continue reading)

synnack @ Arts at the Armory

by Clint on August 16th 2009

synnack is confirmed to perform at Arts at the Armory in Somerville, MA on September 27th 2009. The synnack performance will be divided into 2, 30 minute sets. One featuring loud pounding rhythms, one more improvisational and ambient. Other acts in... (continue reading)

Mackie Control Protocol and Ableton

by Clint on August 14th 2009

Now that I have an APC 40 I don't have much use for this. But it's still pretty cool and has been how I do things on stage for years now. Essentially, most electronic/laptop musicians dream of never having to actually look at the laptop, or touch it during a pe... (continue reading)

laptop bands

by Clint on August 8th 2009

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people use the term "laptop band" to describe a live performance... as if the device you use to make music itself defines a genre. We don't go to classical music concerts and say we really liked that "violin band" yet seeing a guy or girl and a laptop apparently ... (continue reading)

synnack blog 1.0

by Clint on August 8th 2009

Welcome to the synnack blog. I'm a big fan of Twitter and Facebook as ways to inform people of whats going on with my musical work. Having been in bands over 20 years now, I have a lot to share on particular t... (continue reading)

v2.0.5 released on Force of Nature Productions

by Clint on July 15th 2009

v2.0.5 has been released on Forced Distro. v2.0.5 is the digital-only release of synna... (continue reading)

New synnack remix released on FREE compilation

by Clint on May 29th 2009

synnack has recently completed a remix of Perfection Plastic's "Interieur" which is now available for free at ... (continue reading)

synnack with Torrent Vaccine @ Kinetik Chicago

by Clint on April 11th 2009

synnack and Torrent Vaccine will join forces once again in a combined performance in Chicago on July 26th 2009. This show will be bro... (continue reading)

synnack on Origins Unfolded

by Clint on March 21st 2009

Cenotype's "Origings Unfolded" remix CD has been released. synnack provided Track 2 "Think And It Will Be VS Pieces VS Skip Trace (Correlated And Abused By Synnack)". This very special release is now available in a limited edition of 250 numbered copies. Black-on-black CDRs collect 15 amazing re... (continue reading)

synnack on free FON compilation

by Clint on November 14th 2008

Two synnack tracks from v2 appear on the newly released free mp3 compilation "Forced Nature Volume One". ... (continue reading)


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