Exclusive track on You are Here

by Clint on November 1st 2008

A new synnack track was released this week on a free mp3 compilation, "You Are Here: a Compilation of Massachusetts Electronics (vol.2)". The compilation is the second in a series highlighting Massachusetts-based electronic artists and was compiled by David Dodson (alias Deftly-D of ... (continue reading)

review of v2 on Side-Line

by Clint on September 30th 2008

Cool review of v2 up on Side-line. http://www.side-line.co... (continue reading)

synnack versus TV @ HiHo

by Clint on September 29th 2008

On October 16th 2008 synnack will perform a combined set with Torrent Vaccine at the ... (continue reading)

review of v2 on Connexion Bizarre

by Clint on July 29th 2008

A review of synnack's v2 was posted on connexionbizarre.net It's nice t... (continue reading)

synnack @ unknown

by Clint on July 6th 2008

On July 19th 2008, synnack will be performing at an unknown location in the Boston area, at an unknown time. Details are unknown. That is pretty much all I can say. ... (continue reading)

synnack @ Defcon 2008

by Clint on June 7th 2008

synnack is pleased to announced that we will be performing at Defcon 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada on Friday, August 8th 2008. This year'... (continue reading)

synnack @ Thudfest 2008

by Clint on May 19th 2008

synnack will be performing live at Thudfest2008 on July 5th, 2008 at Machine Nightclub, 1254 Boylston St. Boston, MA USA. The show starts at 7pm and is $15 (21+/ID Required)... (continue reading)

synnack on Kinetik Festival Volume 1 Compilation

by Clint on April 18th 2008

synnack's "Systema Adroit (Kinetik Edit)" will be included on Kinetik Festival Volume 1. KINETIK FESTIVAL VOLUME 1 is a double-CD compilation showcasing the artists, producers, and DJs performing at the first Kinetik Festival in Montreal, Canada on May ... (continue reading)

synnack @ WUML Radio

by Clint on April 17th 2008

synnack will be performing live on wuml radio on May 21th on "Universal Mind". The show airs Wednesday Nights 8pm to 10pm Eastern Standard Time 91.5 WUML Lowell, MA. You can listen via the internet at ... (continue reading)

synnack @ WRIU Radio

by Clint on April 7th 2008

synnack will be performing live on WRIU radio on May 10th at midnight on "A Dark and Tranquil Place". The show airs Saturday (May 10th) into Sunday (May 11th) on 90.3 WRIU in Kingston, RI from 12-3am (-5GMT). You can listen via the internet at http://www.wriu.or... (continue reading)


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