synnack and 0xF8 @ Together

by Clint on March 25th 2012

If you live in the Boston area, or are planning to make the trip in for the Together Festival, you'll have 2 chances to see synnack perform. First up, I'm thrilled to announce we will be doing a unique, one-time-only session at "... (continue reading)

synnack @ Together Fest

by Clint on March 18th 2012

synnack will perform at Together Festival in Boston along with Encanti and Psylab on April 5th 2012. Founded in 2009, Together is a we... (continue reading)

Laptop Live Performance Tips Part 8

by Clint on March 5th 2012

For the next installment of the Laptop Live Performance Series I'd like to spend a minute talking about the importance of 2 fundamental things that are in IMHO vital to ensure a successful live performance. These are not technical things but actually more about setting proper expectat... (continue reading)

creating by destroying

by Clint on January 28th 2012

One of the fundamental things that drew me to "industrial" or experimental music when I was a teenager was the idea of taking something known, and transforming it into something else entirely. It was sort of like data encryption to me; creating little secret origins of sound that listeners will neve... (continue reading) Terms of Service Updated

by Clint on January 15th 2012

FYI. I have updated the user agreement on to clarify a few things. First, I added an explicit rule that HTML in comments is not allowed. In attempt to control SPAM comments I started logging a... (continue reading)

Bitwig Studio Announced

by Clint on January 13th 2012

The Ableton Forums and blogosphere are full of discussion as of late on the recent announcement by A... (continue reading)

Sound Art for SENDAI Japan

by Clint on January 1st 2012

As 2011 ends and 2012 begins I'm happy to announce that the music label I own has released the final 2 releases in a series of compilations focused on the 2011 natural disasters impacting Japan. In March 2011, an 8.9 level earthquake triggered a tsunami and massive damage to crictial nuclear fac... (continue reading)

On DAW Audio Quality

by Clint on December 6th 2011

Erik from InnerPortal Studio recently did some testing comparing the summing bus of Ableton Live with Logic Pro. The subsequent discussions about this test on various forums (net is that... (continue reading)

Announcing synnack Katrina

by Clint on December 3rd 2011

Work is well underway on the next synnack release, Katrina, and should be complete early 2012. This release will be a roughly 45 minute single track and released on Force of Nature as part of the ... (continue reading)

synnack Interview on

by Clint on October 18th 2011 (continue reading)


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