0xf8 Phase 2

by Clint on November 16th 2010

Now that the init.system DVD is out, I thought I'd spend some time talking about the next big project for synnack and 0xf8 Studios. We've travelled around the world with custom video for the synna... (continue reading)

Making of init.system

by Clint on November 13th 2010

On October 22nd 2010, synnack and 0xf8 Studios released a full-length DVD on Force of Nature titled "init.system" (... (continue reading)

Laptop Live Performance Tips - Part 5

by Clint on November 2nd 2010

Disable Wireless/Bluetooth Unless you are using wireless as part of your performance (to sync with other computers or controllers) make sure you disable the wireless functionality. Many computers will sit there broadcasting and looking for wireless connections in the background. Though thi... (continue reading)

synnack.init.system released

by Clint on October 30th 2010

The first synnack DVD release is now available from Force of Nature. synnack init.system is a video anthology exploring themes of creation, revelation, demise and catharsis... (continue reading)

Interview on Connexion Bizarre

by Clint on October 18th 2010

An interview with Clint from synnack was recently posted to connexionbizarre.net. Topics of conversation include the new v2.5 release, the new DVD, inspiration, studio gear and software geekery, and new releases ... (continue reading)

What is FLAC and why should you use it?

by Clint on September 20th 2010

What is FLAC?I decided to give away the new synnack release as free mp3 because with the more experimental sounding releases, the audience is much smaller and I felt it was more important for it to get heard, than to sell it. However, I also know that many people who are into more experimen... (continue reading)

Laptop Live Performance Tips - Part 4

by Clint on September 18th 2010

Have Backup Drive I have read studies which say (any my own experience confirms) that of all the things that can break on a computer, the hard drive is the most likely. Consider having a second hard drive with you with a mirror image copy of your normal drive. If your hard drive dies on to... (continue reading)

Making of synnack v2.5

by Clint on September 4th 2010

The new synnack release, v2.5, is finally out and available in 2 formats from our label, Force of Nature. A free MP3 version, and a FLAC version that features an additional track, custom artwork, and of cour... (continue reading)

synnack v2.5 FLAC version now available

by Clint on September 4th 2010

The FLAC version of synnack's new release is now available. v2.5 is the latest full-length rel... (continue reading)

synnack versus TV interview on Regen

by Clint on August 9th 2010

An interview with Clint from synnack and Brad from Torrent Vaccine is now up on the Regen Magazine web site. The interview covers the live mashup performances we do as... (continue reading)


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