Exclusive track on You are Here

by Clint on November 1st 2008

A new synnack track was released this week on a free mp3 compilation, "You Are Here: a Compilation of Massachusetts Electronics (vol.2)".

The compilation is the second in a series highlighting Massachusetts-based electronic artists and was compiled by David Dodson (alias Deftly-D of Voidstar Productions) for Connexion Bizarre in September 2008.

Continuing the eclectic mix from Volume 1, Volume 2 contains a unique mix of pop, digicore, power electronics, IDM, ambient, down tempo and harder to define music.

And of course, they're both FREE!

Download Vol 2 now at http://www.connexionbizarre.net/releases.

The synnack track is titled "0fa6862a49aa75f2cac6342697dcd967 (MD5)" and was written and produced by Clint of synnack while on a train between MA and NY in September 2008 in memorial of Don James Audibert, Sr. who died instantly on September 26th 2008 after being struck, head-on, while riding his motorcycle.

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