Ableton Live 9 and Max for Live in Suite Announced

by Clint on October 26th 2012

Ableton has announced a number of exciting things that directly impact the Max for Live community on

Primarily, Max for Live will be included in the Ableton Live 9 Suite!!! I don't know how many Suite owners there are, or will be with Live 9, but you could speculate that it's an order of magnitude more than the number of Max for Live owners. In addition, you can expect some really good new Max for Live devices to come with Live 9, including a much requested Convolution reverb!

On there are over 14,000 users at the time I am writing this. I fully expect this to triple in the next 12 months as Live 9 Suite gets released, people upgrade, and come to try Max for Live for the first time. I suspect those users to be new to Max and will highly benefit from all the great work we have been posting to for the past few years (over 900 devices at this time). Though they can download any of the devices for free, I suspect they will also register so they can comment and get help as new users as well.

This will be very exciting times for Max for Live and our community.

Live 9 itself is a huge leap forward. Session View recording works like a dream. Massive improvements to things you use every day such as MIDI editing, and EQ8. And much more. (flexible automation curves!)

When the Live 9 public beta becomes available, PLEASE make sure that you continue to accurately note what version/build you used to create each device in the device details on! Not every user will beta test...

As for the new Push device, I don't have much interest yet. Scrolling around parameters on a little screen is what I was so happy to get away from with a computer. No interest in going back. However, it's the right move for Ableton based on the popularity of NI Machine. Also, I didn't know I wanted Session View either until Ableton released it. So I'm sure I'll end up with a Push some day and Ableton will have once again changed how I work in a way I didn't know I wanted. :)

Have a look at the Live 9 Preview event for much more detail and get ready to welcome the new users to

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