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by Clint on January 30th 2011

In some sense I have been extremely lucky in my life. I lucked into meeting certain people who forever changed who I am. In other senses, maybe not so much. A great example is this thing called "Hurricane Katrina" that took out the house I grew up in and left most of my family homeless.

One of the reasons I run Force of Nature is because of the Natural Disaster Series. What a cool idea to have a series of releases inspired by events like this. Even better if all profits can be donated to help the victims of such events.

Recently I updated to reference the new Katrina release currently in progress. I will blog more specifically about the details of this release for sure but it has me thinking of music as a charitable act in a larger sense.

As I've mentioned before I spend a lot of time in various music forums. In december, one of my colleagues, leedsquietman passed away unexpectedly, leaving behind a wife and three kids. Even more fucked, his mother passed away while preparing to attend his funeral!

I never actually new him. Only corresponded in PM on forums, but none the less this breaks my heart as it would anyone with a soul.

To raise money and help out his family, some good people have released a tribute album where all proceeds will go to his wife Judy.

More info at

To help out this family in need, purchase and donate to this release at:

Thanks for listening. Music can do a lot of things, but perhaps none as impact-full as letting people know that memory is more than synapse in the brain, but action to make a difference.

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