v2.5 on Connexion Bizarre

by Clint on March 11th 2011

A new review of synnack v2.5 has been posted to Connexion Bizarre. I quite like this review. It focuses on the connection between the process (they term methodology) and the resulting work. Many people who are fans of my more accessible work in the past struggle to appreciate the experimental stuff. If that describes you, this review is for you.

This is one of the reasons why I wrote detailed notes on this blog. I don't think great art should require explanation and often, explanations can take away from the work's impact. But in this case, my hope was that the insider info adds another depth for the listener.

Thanks to Miguel and Connexion Bizarre for covering my work.

To judge for yourself you can download it or for $1 in any digital format you want or on MP3 for free.

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