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by Clint on June 26th 2011

Today I implemented the DISQUS commenting system on this blog.

It always amuses me that I get very little comments directly on the blog, yet people will comment frequently on the Facebook/Tweets/Forum posts I do to advertise each blog post.

That has me curious, if you could just comment here using your Facebook or Twitter account, would you be more likely to do so?

Moving to DISQUS also means users can opt in to be notified when someone else comments on the same post. A definite plus to get conversations going.

If you wouldn't mind commenting on this here so I can test out the new system and make sure it works that would be very helpful.

This also has me thinking, what If I switched the device comments to a system like DISQUS?


  1. Users can use their Twitter/Facebook accounts to post

  2. Users can be notified when other people comment on the same device. This is DEFINITELY a common feature request for authors at least to be notified when someone comments on their device. I just haven't had the time to implement it and this would take care of that pretty much.

  3. Users no longer required to login to to comment.


  1. This actually means users will be commenting using DIFFERENT usernames than what they use on This is a big issue for me. Right now it's obvious when a device author is posting on their own device. You also currently know who the person is you're responding to based on their username on Changing to a 3rd party comment system would break the use of the usernames the current community is using.

What do you think? Should I keep it like it is and just one day add email notifications? Or consider moving to DISQUS?

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