creating by destroying

by Clint on January 28th 2012

One of the fundamental things that drew me to "industrial" or experimental music when I was a teenager was the idea of taking something known, and transforming it into something else entirely. It was sort of like data encryption to me; creating little secret origins of sound that listeners will never know of.

It was the home for the sample culture inspire by early "cut up" techniques by William Burroughs and the chance methodologies of early 20th century Dada artists.

The sounds you'd hear in a track could have any number of secret origins. Kick drums actually originating as recordings of someone kicking a washing machine (Depeche Mode did this), or punching themselves in the chest (Einsturzende Neubauten did this). This whole process of creating something out of destroying something else has always attracted me.

This is also interesting to me with visuals. Taking recognizable images and transforming them into something totally different with little relation to the look of the original is making its way into the 0xf8 VJ work and has always been there in the CD/Release artwork for synnack.

Recently, a friend of mine on Facebook posted a simple request "send me a sound file and I'll make something with it". I hit record on my laptop and spoke into the microphone for 10 seconds or so, then sent it to him. Here's what he created out of it. I love it. Thanks Brian.

Have a listen:

Check out the rest of his work:

If you also enjoy this sort of thing, check out the "Iron Chef of Music". They post a new sample every sunday and give you two hours to make something with it and post the results.

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