now part of Cycling74

by Clint on August 16th 2018

I bought the domain name on January 15th 2009, the exact day Ableton announced the very idea of Max for Live itself. I remember sitting on my couch, reading the announcement and subsequent forum chatter. The possibilities for such an integration blew my mind. The seamless fusion of c... (continue reading)

Making of v3

by Clint on November 22nd 2015

After 3 years in the making, I'm happy to finally release synnack v3. This release is an audio chronicle of the past 3 years and somewhat of a bookend closing a period of my life of change and rebirth. This release is dedicated to all those who lived to love yourself again. When you make experime... (continue reading) August 2012 Update

by Clint on August 23rd 2012

There have been lots of small updates and enhancements to since my last blog update on the new URL format. I thought I'd take some time to document them all in one shot. Generally the enhancements in th... (continue reading)

Making of Katrina

by Clint on June 13th 2012

On June 2nd 2012 I released a new work called Katrina which explores the time period surrounding Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent impact on those from the affected area. This release combines recordings of analog modular synthesis and Max... (continue reading)

creating by destroying

by Clint on January 28th 2012

One of the fundamental things that drew me to "industrial" or experimental music when I was a teenager was the idea of taking something known, and transforming it into something else entirely. It was sort of like data encryption to me; creating little secret origins of sound that listeners will neve... (continue reading)

Fan Interview

by Clint on May 1st 2011

A year ago, I posted in the blog asking for fan interview questions. As usual, I posted a link to the entry on facebook and twitter. I got a ... (continue reading)

v2.5 on Connexion Bizarre

by Clint on March 11th 2011

A new review of synnack v2.5 has been posted to Connexion Bizarre. I quite like this review. It focuses on the connection between the process (they term methodology) and the resu... (continue reading)

Making of init.system

by Clint on November 13th 2010

On October 22nd 2010, synnack and 0xf8 Studios released a full-length DVD on Force of Nature titled "init.system" (... (continue reading)

What is FLAC and why should you use it?

by Clint on September 20th 2010

What is FLAC?I decided to give away the new synnack release as free mp3 because with the more experimental sounding releases, the audience is much smaller and I felt it was more important for it to get heard, than to sell it. However, I also know that many people who are into more experimen... (continue reading)

Interview synnack

by Clint on May 30th 2010

So v2.5 is coming soon. And the new DVD. I was thinking about what interviews I might go after to promote these releases. I decided instead to just ask my friends and fans what they want to know and I'll post it to the synnack blog as an interview. Have a look at the two releases in question... (continue reading)

Spontaneous Sound Design Recording

by Clint on April 7th 2010

To prepare for the upcoming release of v2.5, we had a photoshoot taken in Dave's studio by Karla Clute. At this point in my career I am completely sick of pretty much all band photos. How often can you see... (continue reading)

synnack @ Slow Motion Sunday

by Clint on November 5th 2006

synnack will perform at "Slow Motion Sunday" at the Enormous Room, Boston MA on November 26th. 567 Massachusetts Ave - Cambridge, MA 02139-4030, US No Cover. Doors at 9. Show at 10pm... (continue reading)

synnack @ 804 Noise Fest

by Clint on September 16th 2006

The 804noise Fest is a two day experimental, noise, avant-garde & multi-media event held each year in Richmond, Virginia (USA) showcasing local VA experimental & noise talent along side some of the best in the international noise community. This years festi... (continue reading)

v1.5 Released

by Clint on April 9th 2006

SYNNACK 'v1.5' has been released as a free internet download on the audio page. v1.5 is a 20 minute ambient noise track created early 2006.... (continue reading)

synnack Jhonn Balance/Coil Tribute

by Clint on December 27th 2004

Synnack's "Mirror Like Sea" was released today as part of Dark Winter's Full Cold Moon compilation. This is a compilation of tracks to commemorate the life of Jhonn Balance and the music of Coil. Jhonn Balance was in an accident (which occured at... (continue reading)


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