Making of v3

by Clint on November 22nd 2015

After 3 years in the making, I'm happy to finally release synnack v3. This release is an audio chronicle of the past 3 years and somewhat of a bookend closing a period of my life of change and rebirth. This release is dedicated to all those who lived to love yourself again. When you make experime... (continue reading)

Making of Katrina

by Clint on June 13th 2012

On June 2nd 2012 I released a new work called Katrina which explores the time period surrounding Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent impact on those from the affected area. This release combines recordings of analog modular synthesis and Max... (continue reading)

Making of synnack v2.5

by Clint on September 4th 2010

The new synnack release, v2.5, is finally out and available in 2 formats from our label, Force of Nature. A free MP3 version, and a FLAC version that features an additional track, custom artwork, and of cour... (continue reading)

Spontaneous Sound Design Recording

by Clint on April 7th 2010

To prepare for the upcoming release of v2.5, we had a photoshoot taken in Dave's studio by Karla Clute. At this point in my career I am completely sick of pretty much all band photos. How often can you see... (continue reading)


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