synnack v1 EP

MP3 - date: Jan 1st 2006

v1 was a free digital-only release available from Jan 1st 2006 to Jan 1st 2007 on It represents the early sound experiments and writing I did after leaving Although it's a pretty far departure from what other synnack releases sound like, there's still some stuff I'm proud of on v1. In fact the track "Mirror Like Sea" was used on a compilation to memorialize Jhonn Balance of Coil called Full Cold Moon. The full re-mastered release is now available on bandcamp for $1USD or more. Purchase v1 on bankdcamp in any digital format you desire.

  1. Still LIfe
  2. Berlin
  3. The Spark that Burned Water
  4. Mirror Like Sea
  5. Song for Freedom

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