synnack v2

CD, MP3 | May 1st 2008

v2 builds on synnack's prior releases by leveraging an increasing amount of custom software, field sampling techniques and live electronics to create an epic combination of ambient glitchy soundscapes and crunchy rhythmic mayhem. A special feature of the v2 release is that each CD package includes a card containing a unique "regcode" which can be used to register on for access to additional songs unreleased tracks, videos, discounts on additional merchandise, and more.

In July 2009, v2.0.5 was released by Force of Nature for only $4.99 USD.. This digital-only release features an additional track not found on the CD, Track 13 "Rize (10mg)"; remixed by Ground To Dust. in December of 2010, synnack made v.2.0.5 available for FREE from Force of Nature under the Creative Commons by-nc/3.0/ License. DOWNLOAD v2.0.5 as MP3 FREE from Force of Nature or buy it in any digital format you desire from the SYNNACK bandcamp page.

  1. int
  2. Nauvoo
  3. L3D
  4. The Locative
  5. Held Down by the Sun
  6. Her Room
  7. Rize (5mg)
  8. Ochun
  9. Systema Adroit
  10. BBN
  11. Underneath Outside
  12. Ants in the Water
  13. (only on v2.0.5) Rize (10mg mix by Ground To Dust)

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