synnack v3

FLAC/MP3 | November 22nd 2015

Three years in the making, synnack v3 is an epic mashup of experimental production techniques that tells a deeply personal story using IDM/Glitch beats and dark ambient soundcapes.

[ Listen and Download synnack v3 in any format at ] As a special promotion to celebrate the release, the first 1500 people to download v3 get it free. Just enter in $0 when you check out and are prompted to name your price. A pdf of the artwork, including release credits is included with the release when you download it.

This release is dedicated to all those who lived to love yourself again. Read all the details about this release on the blog: The Making of v3

  • synnack is Clint Michael Sand
  • Additional sounds by Dave Jones of Attack Sustain
  • Sarangi on Track 4 by Blaise Serpas
  • Recorded at 0xf8 Studios and Subharmonic Studios in Boston, MA
  • 2015 Some Rights Reserved via CC BY 4.0
  • Artwork by synnack


  1. Hieroglyph
  2. Thorium
  3. Op-Amp
  4. Napiers Bones
  5. The Part of Tens
  6. Siren
  7. After Being (in the sky world)
  8. Panopticon DV
  9. Ward Eight

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