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by Clint on October 30th 2007

synnack is confirmed to perform at Festival Kinetik in May of 2008 in Montreal.

Festival Kinetik is brought to you by two of the three original producers of C.O.M.A - KAO Production and I Prod with the addition of Android Productions. Following the success of 2007 edition of C.O.M.A (more than 1400 people during the week end), the team wants to push even further the idea, in the ideas of the great electro-industrial Europeans festivals like Wave Gotik Treffen and M'era Me Luna.

Thursday and Friday night will be held at Usine C.
1345, Lalonde Avenue
Montreal, QC H2L 5A9
(514) 521-4493

Saturday night will be at Caserne Letourneux.
411, Letourneux avenue ,
Montreal, Qc H1V 2L7
(514) 273.2286

So far over 20 amazing bands have been confirmed and there's more to come. A complete schedule with the line up of each day will be available before the end of November.

A flyer with details for just the Friday night is available here.
For more information, visit the festival website at:

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