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by Clint on August 8th 2009

Welcome to the synnack blog. I'm a big fan of Twitter and Facebook as ways to inform people of whats going on with my musical work. Having been in bands over 20 years now, I have a lot to share on particular topics however that isn't appropriate for an 140 character status update.

Over the years, I've posted tons of lengthy content all over various places that it seems people have found useful. These days I am most active as tempus3r on the Ableton Forums.

Recently I decided to take some of my more lengthy posts and put them here as a blog. I also intend to use the blog to discuss my work as synnack in more detail. People often want to know what's behind the covers of a synnack release and I'll put that sort of thing here for sure.

I've also been learning Max/MSP for a while now and plan to post various patches I've created that might be useful for other people.

Oh yeah, and dont' forget to check out my music and follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

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