New Max for Live Device: Float Mixer

by Clint on September 28th 2012

Ever wanted to detach the Ableton Live mixer and put it on a 2nd monitor while working in Arrangement view? well…

This is a mod of "Master Monitor v1.2.0 by user Thompsonaudio on, currently hosted at

All I really did was make it such that you can float the mixer device. I created it for a lecture I did at the Decibel festival to demonstrate how Max for Live can be used to extend Live with features users have been wanted for years, but at the time of this writing could not be done. Using this floating version, you can float a mixer panel for the first 20 tracks so you can have a Mixer view on a second montior while working in Arrangement view on the first monitor, for example.

1. Click "Mixer" to get the floating mixer window

2. Drag the mixer to whatever monitor/window you want

3. Mix!

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