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by Clint on November 4th 2012 now has T-Shirts available for purchase.

In my August Update about changes to I talked about the move from hosting the site at home, to a proper datacenter. It was also recently announced that Live 9 Suite will now include Max for Live!

This is awesome. The Max for Live community stands to explode with new users! However, this will come at a cost for me personally...

I have no idea how many Live 8 Suite users there are versus Live 8 users. The recent Live 9 Preview event mentioned there are over a million live users. Let's assume that only 30 percent of those actually own the Suite. So let's guess then that's something like 300,000 Suite users. Let's assume that most Live 8 Suite owners will upgrade to Live 9 Suite.

That's 300,000 potential new users to coming in 2013. Now, some suite owners (like me) already own Max for Live. Let's say half of all Live 9 Suite owners already owned Max for Live. (I'm just randomly making up stats, but hear me out).

What I'm getting to here is there is a real potential for there to be 100,000 new potential users of coming soon!

The hosting I pay for is a monthly charge for a specific amount of bandwidth. This new flood of potential users is going to mean more costs for me for sure. Every download of every device adds to my monthly bandwidth usage. Even 10,00 new regular users will impact my cost, and there could be so many more!

To help prep for this cost for 2013, I've started selling these T-shirts to raise some money. I have many different designs planned. Different color T-shirts too. But to gauge what level of interest there is, I'm starting with the most common white print on a black shirt.

Besides, you want one of these shirts anyway right? :)


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