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by Clint on June 26th 2010

I spend a ton of time on various music forums. Probably the most on the Ableton Live forums. Many times I enjoy helping people who do not have the experience I have. But even better, I enjoy learning from the many talented people I meet on these forums.

Tarekith is a user on the Ableton Forums who posts some awesome tutorials from time to time that we end up pointing people to constantly. Especially when the "how do I master my track?." question comes up. I asked him if I could mirror his tutorials on synnack.com and he agreed.

If you're a musician, check these out. Might be old news to many of you but I promise you'll pick up a few tips in here.

Also check out his mastering business: Inner Portal Studio and follow him on twitter as @tarekith to note when new tutorials are posted on his site.

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