The Carapace Interpreted

by Clint on March 14th 2011

Yesterday, a new synnack remix was released on a FREE compilation, Interpretations in Time.

This remix was pretty fun to do. It started as an experiment with one of the glitch racks I got off the Tips and Tricks Forum on I expended on a rack I got from there and swapped out different sounds and effects. Then I added a rack of beat repeats and assigned them to keys on the Mac Book Pro and went nuts recording different variations of glitchy drums. This was long before the idea of a remix came up. It was just something I did.

After being asked to do the remix, I thought back to these recordings and decided to try and see how I could work in the original bits from the song with my glitch rack stuff. Worked out well.

The final remix is a combination of original material from 10-06-09 by The Carapace with my glitch rack, and a slight bit of midi programming. The kick is Operator of course. The final arrangement was recorded on the fly using Session view with little Arrangement View editing.

Even outside of checking out the synnack track, I would grab this free release. Fans of dark dubstep or "emo IDM" like HECQ and Daniel Myer's "Architect" will dig it.


In full disclosure, I own the label Force of Nature that this release came out on and also did the mastering for the release as well

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