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by Clint on August 20th 2011

I recently added a small feature to where you can be notified of comments.

I posted here and the Ableton forums a while back looking for feedback on using 3rd party comment systems or just keeping what I had and adding basic notification. Though a few users spoke up wanting Disqus, they were less than 10 of the ~12,000 users of the site. I still may do that some day but 10 of 12k users didn't provide a conclusive consensus, and I really think having your identity in the comments match your devices, and not your identity somewhere else, is important.

So I spent some time a few weeks ago and just went ahead and added some basic comment notification.

There are two options in a new "Settings" page accessible across the top. (Note: you must be logged in to use this page).

Check the box as appropriate to either:

  • Get notified when someone comments on a device YOU have posted

  • Get notified when someone replies on any device you have also commented on

  • I suspect most people will want that first option turned on by default, but I don't want to make that decision for the 12,000 accounts on the site. Feel free to give me your opinion on what the defaults should be as comments to this post.

    It's been enabled on the site for about 3 weeks now and so far no complaints. Though only 16 users of 12,000 have actually turned the feature on. Most people may not have noticed it though, as I've only posted to the Ableton forums about this and tweeted it.

    So there you go, an official announcement. Try it out and give me your feedback!

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