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by Clint on January 15th 2012

FYI. I have updated the user agreement on to clarify a few things.

First, I added an explicit rule that HTML in comments is not allowed. In attempt to control SPAM comments I started logging attempts to use HTML in comments and i've found a whole ton of accounts that basically just exist to post comment SPAM. This is now explicitly forbidden with proper expectation set. I don't delete anyones account for this the first time as many people may have innocent intentions or paste something in a comment with a valid reason and not notice there's html in it. But repeated errors will get you banned.

Device comments cannot include HTML. User accounts found attempting to repeatidly post HTML in comments will be deleted. 99.9999999% of these are SPAM. This is logged now and I WILL delete any account and ban that user's email address from registering again if repeated HTML comments are attempted.

Second, I clarified the site policy for posting devices that are not free. I had a user contact me about this and realized it probably wasn't clear.

In a nutshell, is really 2 things. 1) A library of free maxforlive devices. 2) A database of maxforlive devices, both free and not, both hosted on the site itself and elsewhere. This was in part why I added the "reference" feature so that we could keep it such that any device you get from my site is free, but you could also find other things you might really want elsewhere if willing to pay a little bit.

Only free devices should be hosted on Do not post any device files that cannot be edited or that require payment to use or edit fully. You CAN still post about your device if you charge for it by using the "reference" feature to post a link to where your device can be purchased. In summary, if not free, post reference, if free, post device or reference.

I'm open to any other suggestions on this policy. I could easily add a "Paid Device" tag for example so that even for references you could "hide devices that are not free" when you browse or search.

I FULLY support the rights of device creators to charge for their work and advertise it by putting it on as a reference, but would prefer to keep the actual devices themselves hosted on the site 100% free.

Any feedback on this policy?

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