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by Clint on March 25th 2012

If you live in the Boston area, or are planning to make the trip in for the Together Festival, you'll have 2 chances to see synnack perform.

First up, I'm thrilled to announce we will be doing a unique, one-time-only session at "Together Center Soundstage" on Sunday April 1st from 3pm-5pm (579 Mass Ave) that will include a 40-45 minute synnack set demoing Max for Live integration with our custom VJ system written in Max/Jitter. Following the set, we'll present a a full technical breakdown and discussion of how it was made. Every device, every patch, exposed. I'll end the session with a discussion of, current features and future ideas.

In addition, we'll be performing with Encanti and Psylab on April 5th 2012 at Church. Closely associated with the mad artist/scientists at Boston's Vermin Street Collective, Encanti is an independent artist known for combining elements of dubstep, jamtronica, techno, and pure Encanti insanity. He's been seen most frequently as part of the Zebbler Encanti Experience, which has filled spaces with seizure-incuding original visuals and intense, mind-bending sounds. Psylab and Synnack open. (details).

If you're not familiar with Together: Founded in 2009, Together is a week-long electronic music festival held throughout Greater Boston. By night, it's a whirlwind party showcasing the biggest local DJs alongside rising stars and legends from around the world. By day, Together is a conference think discussion panels, screenings, tradeshows, and gear demos celebrating the latest in fashion, technology, and art, and how they come together in the always evolving world of electronic music.

Festival teaser:

Brought to you by UnHeardUv, the Together Center Soundstage is smack in the middle of Central Square (579 Mass Ave). There'll be artist panels and demos, art installations, tables with each vendor/partner's swag laid out. There'll be lounge areas, Yogibo's giant beanbags, a google recharge spot, wireless internet, a station with a computer where people can play with and learn the sponsored software; the works.

UnHeardUv is one-stop cyber-hub designed to keep you in touch with forward-thinking electronic music in Boston. Here you can plan your week of event-going, find local producers, DJs, and labels, and listen to the best house and bass music out there.

Facebook Invite for Together Central live set/demo/lecture:

Facebook Invite for the show with Psylab and Encanti:

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