Ableton features synnack live visual work

by Clint on March 19th 2013

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synnack Interview on

by Clint on October 18th 2011 (continue reading)

Fan Interview

by Clint on May 1st 2011

A year ago, I posted in the blog asking for fan interview questions. As usual, I posted a link to the entry on facebook and twitter. I got a ... (continue reading)

Electronic Polymath Peer Review

by Clint on January 19th 2011

As an artist, it's often the case that exposure for your work comes in the form of reviews. Back in the early 90's when I put out my first releases, this was certainly the case. You'd release music and the marketing potential was largely determined by club play (if dance music) or radio play, or rev... (continue reading)

synnack featured on

by Clint on January 19th 2011

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Interview on Connexion Bizarre

by Clint on October 18th 2010

An interview with Clint from synnack was recently posted to Topics of conversation include the new v2.5 release, the new DVD, inspiration, studio gear and software geekery, and new releases ... (continue reading)

synnack versus TV interview on Regen

by Clint on August 9th 2010

An interview with Clint from synnack and Brad from Torrent Vaccine is now up on the Regen Magazine web site. The interview covers the live mashup performances we do as... (continue reading)

Interview synnack

by Clint on May 30th 2010

So v2.5 is coming soon. And the new DVD. I was thinking about what interviews I might go after to promote these releases. I decided instead to just ask my friends and fans what they want to know and I'll post it to the synnack blog as an interview. Have a look at the two releases in question... (continue reading)

synnack interview posted

by Clint on October 22nd 2007

An interview with Clint from synnack has been posted to The interview covers his ... (continue reading)


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