Sound Art for SENDAI Japan

by Clint on January 1st 2012

As 2011 ends and 2012 begins I'm happy to announce that the music label I own has released the final 2 releases in a series of compilations focused on the 2011 natural disasters impacting Japan. In March 2011, an 8.9 level earthquake triggered a tsunami and massive damage to crictial nuclear fac... (continue reading)

On DAW Audio Quality

by Clint on December 6th 2011

Erik from InnerPortal Studio recently did some testing comparing the summing bus of Ableton Live with Logic Pro. The subsequent discussions about this test on various forums (net is that... (continue reading)

Music and Charity

by Clint on January 30th 2011

In some sense I have been extremely lucky in my life. I lucked into meeting certain people who forever changed who I am. In other senses, maybe not so much. A great example is this thing called "Hurricane Katrina" that took out the house I grew up in and left most of my family homeless. One of... (continue reading)

Mastering Plugins

by Clint on January 29th 2011

From the things that drive me so crazy I blog about them department, I get and see this question all the time: I have [insert plugin or application name] that does mastering, can't I just use that?While nothing wrong with using mastering plugins or applications to enhance your mat... (continue reading)

Enforcing Creative Commons

by Clint on January 23rd 2011

Inspired by recent threads on the Ableton forums, I have been wondering how to improve the terms and policies of to protect the applied licenses of the devices posted there. (Read about the Creative ... (continue reading)

Electronic Polymath Peer Review

by Clint on January 19th 2011

As an artist, it's often the case that exposure for your work comes in the form of reviews. Back in the early 90's when I put out my first releases, this was certainly the case. You'd release music and the marketing potential was largely determined by club play (if dance music) or radio play, or rev... (continue reading)

What is FLAC and why should you use it?

by Clint on September 20th 2010

What is FLAC?I decided to give away the new synnack release as free mp3 because with the more experimental sounding releases, the audience is much smaller and I felt it was more important for it to get heard, than to sell it. However, I also know that many people who are into more experimen... (continue reading)

laptop bands

by Clint on August 8th 2009

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people use the term "laptop band" to describe a live performance... as if the device you use to make music itself defines a genre. We don't go to classical music concerts and say we really liked that "violin band" yet seeing a guy or girl and a laptop apparently ... (continue reading)


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