Making of v3

by Clint on November 22nd 2015

After 3 years in the making, I'm happy to finally release synnack v3. This release is an audio chronicle of the past 3 years and somewhat of a bookend closing a period of my life of change and rebirth. This release is dedicated to all those who lived to love yourself again. When you make experime... (continue reading)

synnack @ Decibel 2012

by Clint on September 18th 2012

synnack will team with Jennifer McClain to bring the 0xf8 live performance setup to Decibel 2012 in Seattle! DEMYSTIFYING MAX FOR LIVE (SYNNACK & JENNIFER MCCLAIN) will take place on Friday September 28th at 1:30pm (Pacific) on the "Square Stage". (... (continue reading)

Making of Katrina

by Clint on June 13th 2012

On June 2nd 2012 I released a new work called Katrina which explores the time period surrounding Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent impact on those from the affected area. This release combines recordings of analog modular synthesis and Max... (continue reading)

synnack remixing Matthew Connor

by Clint on May 11th 2012

I recently completed mastering work and a remix for Matthew Connor, likely the most talented person I know. You can download the EP for free on Bandcamp in any format. Some time ago, I ... (continue reading)

The Carapace Interpreted

by Clint on March 14th 2011

Yesterday, a new synnack remix was released on a FREE compilation, Interpretations in Time. This remix was pretty fun to do. It started as an experiment with one of the glitch racks I got off the ... (continue reading)

Mastering Plugins

by Clint on January 29th 2011

From the things that drive me so crazy I blog about them department, I get and see this question all the time: I have [insert plugin or application name] that does mastering, can't I just use that?While nothing wrong with using mastering plugins or applications to enhance your mat... (continue reading)


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