synnack init.system on YouTube

by Clint on August 25th 2014

In 2010 I released a DVD that featured six all original music videos. It was a massive undertaking. Now that I'm not actively trying to sell the DVD I thought it was time to set it free on YouTube for everyone to see. Please go watch, click the thumbs up. Share with your friends, Comment and stuff. ... (continue reading)

synnack @ Berklee Electronica Music Club

by Clint on February 19th 2013

synnack will participate in the Berklee School of Music "Electronica Club" with a lecture and demonstration of the practical uses of Max for Live for audio and visual integration on April 4th 2013. 7:00pm start at 22 The Fenway, Room 112. Follow B... (continue reading)

Reflections on the new 2013 live setup

by Clint on January 19th 2013

Last week synnack performed at Planet Myer Day 11 in Leipzig. The set debuted several new tracks in the works, as well as our new video work. Here's a video of the start of the set plus the first track we ... (continue reading)

0xf8 VJ Demo Reel

by Clint on October 20th 2012

Back in 2010, I began working with Jennifer McClain to redesign the VJ setup we had been using both for club visuals, and for synnack live performances. I detailed the direction we were taking on the blog. In addition to rebuilding the Ji... (continue reading)

0xf8 Progress and Upcoming Shows

by Clint on May 15th 2011

In November 2010 I wrote a detailed write-up about what new activity was planned for synnack+0xf8 since the DVD was done. (Read it here: 0xf8 Phase 2). In preparing for two upcoming shows we really wanted to show some progress on the... (continue reading)

0xf8 Phase 2

by Clint on November 16th 2010

Now that the init.system DVD is out, I thought I'd spend some time talking about the next big project for synnack and 0xf8 Studios. We've travelled around the world with custom video for the synna... (continue reading)

Making of init.system

by Clint on November 13th 2010

On October 22nd 2010, synnack and 0xf8 Studios released a full-length DVD on Force of Nature titled "init.system" (... (continue reading)

synnack.init.system released

by Clint on October 30th 2010

The first synnack DVD release is now available from Force of Nature. synnack init.system is a video anthology exploring themes of creation, revelation, demise and catharsis... (continue reading)


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