now part of Cycling74

by Clint on August 16th 2018

I bought the domain name on January 15th 2009, the exact day Ableton announced the very idea of Max for Live itself. I remember sitting on my couch, reading the announcement and subsequent forum chatter. The possibilities for such an integration blew my mind. The seamless fusion of c... (continue reading)

User Profile Pages on

by Clint on October 11th 2013

A couple of new features have been added to Push Tag You can now tag devices that are made for use with Ableton Push. More and more people are creating custom devices that extend or change the default behavior of the Push hardware. Use of this new tag makes it easy to g... (continue reading)

synnack at Decibel 2013

by Clint on September 5th 2013

synnack will once again perform and lecture at the Decibel Festival in Seattle on Friday September 27th. synnack at DB Conference First up, we'll be participating in the "Max in the Morning" session as part of the Decibel "Conference"! ... (continue reading)

I am not a DJ I am a DJ

by Clint on May 14th 2013

This morning I did a DJ set as part of the Together Festival in Boston. Performing electronic music for most people is sort of a hybrid of playing things, and DJing. (... (continue reading)

Max for Live and Audio Reactive Visuals at Together Fest

by Clint on May 7th 2013

synnack will once again deliver a Max for Live technical session at Together Festival in Boston. This time focused on the "audio reactive" synnack ... (continue reading)

Ableton features synnack live visual work

by Clint on March 19th 2013

... (continue reading)

Whats new in Max for live in Ableton Live 9

by Clint on March 11th 2013

Ableton Live 9 is finally shipping! Of the many new and cool features, the inclusion of Max for Live into Live 9 Suite is a welcome addition that is driving many new users to the world of Max for Live and our community at ma... (continue reading)

synnack quote on

by Clint on March 10th 2013

Cycling74, the makers of the Max programming language and collaborators with Ableton to create Max for Live featured a quote from me on their new ... (continue reading)

synnack @ Berklee Electronica Music Club

by Clint on February 19th 2013

synnack will participate in the Berklee School of Music "Electronica Club" with a lecture and demonstration of the practical uses of Max for Live for audio and visual integration on April 4th 2013. 7:00pm start at 22 The Fenway, Room 112. Follow B... (continue reading)

Reflections on the new 2013 live setup

by Clint on January 19th 2013

Last week synnack performed at Planet Myer Day 11 in Leipzig. The set debuted several new tracks in the works, as well as our new video work. Here's a video of the start of the set plus the first track we ... (continue reading)

Simple RMS Meter in Max for Live

by Clint on November 25th 2012

RMS meters are useful when mastering to look at the relative average levels between tracks (for example). Correlation meters are useful when mastering to identify phase cancellation issues and mono compatibility. As an example, if you were mastering for vinyl and were only listening to the bass freq... (continue reading) Tshirts Now Available

by Clint on November 4th 2012 now has T-Shirts available for purchase. In my August Update about changes to I talked about the move from hosting the site at home, to ... (continue reading)

Ableton Live 9 and Max for Live in Suite Announced

by Clint on October 26th 2012

Ableton has announced a number of exciting things that directly impact the Max for Live community on Primarily, Max for Live will be included in the Ableton Live 9 Suite!!! I don't know how many Suite owners there are, or will be with Live ... (continue reading) August 2012 Update

by Clint on August 23rd 2012

There have been lots of small updates and enhancements to since my last blog update on the new URL format. I thought I'd take some time to document them all in one shot. Generally the enhancements in th... (continue reading)

Making of Katrina

by Clint on June 13th 2012

On June 2nd 2012 I released a new work called Katrina which explores the time period surrounding Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent impact on those from the affected area. This release combines recordings of analog modular synthesis and Max... (continue reading)

Change Clip Color When Played

by Clint on May 11th 2012

For v2.5, I spent a ton of time on sound design with the analog modulars, recording clip after clip of cool sounds. I ended up with hundreds of clips in one massive Live set. To create the final tracks, I did a series of live r... (continue reading)

New URL format on

by Clint on April 14th 2012

Today in a fit to avoid what I should be doing I implemented a different URL scheme on so that the name of your device is part of the URL. The new new URL format should be more search engine friendly such that searching your device name in google has a better chance of showing the... (continue reading)

synnack and 0xF8 @ Together

by Clint on March 25th 2012

If you live in the Boston area, or are planning to make the trip in for the Together Festival, you'll have 2 chances to see synnack perform. First up, I'm thrilled to announce we will be doing a unique, one-time-only session at "... (continue reading) Terms of Service Updated

by Clint on January 15th 2012

FYI. I have updated the user agreement on to clarify a few things. First, I added an explicit rule that HTML in comments is not allowed. In attempt to control SPAM comments I started logging a... (continue reading)

Bitwig Studio Announced

by Clint on January 13th 2012

The Ableton Forums and blogosphere are full of discussion as of late on the recent announcement by A... (continue reading)

On DAW Audio Quality

by Clint on December 6th 2011

Erik from InnerPortal Studio recently did some testing comparing the summing bus of Ableton Live with Logic Pro. The subsequent discussions about this test on various forums (net is that... (continue reading) Comment Feedback Needed

by Clint on June 26th 2011

Today I implemented the DISQUS commenting system on this blog. It always amuses me that I get very little comments directly on the blog, yet people will comment frequently on the Facebook/Tweets/Forum posts I do to advertise each blog post. That has me cur... (continue reading)

LineFO update to 1.4

by Clint on May 30th 2011

This weekend I updated one of my first Max for Live devices, LineFO to version 1.4. When M4L first came out, there were quickly many devices shared to modulate parameters. In the most recent M4L update, Ableton even added their own... (continue reading)

0xf8 Progress and Upcoming Shows

by Clint on May 15th 2011

In November 2010 I wrote a detailed write-up about what new activity was planned for synnack+0xf8 since the DVD was done. (Read it here: 0xf8 Phase 2). In preparing for two upcoming shows we really wanted to show some progress on the... (continue reading)

Great Max tips from Cycling74

by Clint on April 18th 2011

Check out these videos from Cycling74. Awesome tips for getting the most out of Max. For example: Did you know you can build Max for Live devices that will work on Mac and Wi... (continue reading)

The Carapace Interpreted

by Clint on March 14th 2011

Yesterday, a new synnack remix was released on a FREE compilation, Interpretations in Time. This remix was pretty fun to do. It started as an experiment with one of the glitch racks I got off the ... (continue reading)

Music and Charity

by Clint on January 30th 2011

In some sense I have been extremely lucky in my life. I lucked into meeting certain people who forever changed who I am. In other senses, maybe not so much. A great example is this thing called "Hurricane Katrina" that took out the house I grew up in and left most of my family homeless. One of... (continue reading)

Electronic Polymath Peer Review

by Clint on January 19th 2011

As an artist, it's often the case that exposure for your work comes in the form of reviews. Back in the early 90's when I put out my first releases, this was certainly the case. You'd release music and the marketing potential was largely determined by club play (if dance music) or radio play, or rev... (continue reading)

synnack featured on

by Clint on January 19th 2011

... (continue reading) 2010 Updates

by Clint on December 21st 2010

In January of 2009, Ableton, Inc announced several new things that blew me away. A dedicated (and affordable) grid/button controller for Ableton Live and a new product called "Max for Live" that would allow users to cre... (continue reading)

0xf8 Phase 2

by Clint on November 16th 2010

Now that the init.system DVD is out, I thought I'd spend some time talking about the next big project for synnack and 0xf8 Studios. We've travelled around the world with custom video for the synna... (continue reading)

Making of synnack v2.5

by Clint on September 4th 2010

The new synnack release, v2.5, is finally out and available in 2 formats from our label, Force of Nature. A free MP3 version, and a FLAC version that features an additional track, custom artwork, and of cour... (continue reading)

by Clint on March 10th 2010

So, I have not been posting nearly as much to this blog as I had hoped. Why? Well. I have been testing Max for live in beta for months and it is now finally released. Part of my involvement has been to build w... (continue reading)

The last day the world stood still

by Clint on September 12th 2009

This week I became a beta tester for Max for Live. I have it installed and I've been messing with it. The world will never be the same after this becomes generally available. Once beta testing is complete and I can talk publicly a... (continue reading)

Mackie Control Protocol and Ableton

by Clint on August 14th 2009

Now that I have an APC 40 I don't have much use for this. But it's still pretty cool and has been how I do things on stage for years now. Essentially, most electronic/laptop musicians dream of never having to actually look at the laptop, or touch it during a pe... (continue reading)


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