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Behind the scenes of synnack - In my blog I discuss the details of my artistic work. Topics include synnack,, 0xf8 Studios, music/art+technology (usually relating to Modular Synths, Ableton Live, & Max/MSP/Jitter) and my shared experiences as an artist focused on computer music for the past 10+ years. Read about me and subscribe to this blog. now part of Cycling74

by Clint on August 16th 2018

I bought the domain name on January 15th 2009, the exact day Ableton announced the very idea of Max for Live itself. I remember sitting on my couch, reading the announcement and subsequent forum chatter. The possibilities for such an integration blew my mind. The seamless fusion of c... (continue reading)

Making of v3

by Clint on November 22nd 2015

After 3 years in the making, I'm happy to finally release synnack v3. This release is an audio chronicle of the past 3 years and somewhat of a bookend closing a period of my life of change and rebirth. This release is dedicated to all those who lived to love yourself again. When you make experime... (continue reading)

synnack init.system on YouTube

by Clint on August 25th 2014

In 2010 I released a DVD that featured six all original music videos. It was a massive undertaking. Now that I'm not actively trying to sell the DVD I thought it was time to set it free on YouTube for everyone to see. Please go watch, click the thumbs up. Share with your friends, Comment and stuff. ... (continue reading)

synnack @ Defcon 22

by Clint on August 3rd 2014

synnack will perform a full audio visual set this summer at DEFCON 22. I performed at defcon back in 2008 and it was great fun and I look forward to ... (continue reading)

User Profile Pages on

by Clint on October 11th 2013

A couple of new features have been added to Push Tag You can now tag devices that are made for use with Ableton Push. More and more people are creating custom devices that extend or change the default behavior of the Push hardware. Use of this new tag makes it easy to g... (continue reading)

synnack at Decibel 2013

by Clint on September 5th 2013

synnack will once again perform and lecture at the Decibel Festival in Seattle on Friday September 27th. synnack at DB Conference First up, we'll be participating in the "Max in the Morning" session as part of the Decibel "Conference"! ... (continue reading)

synnack full live performance at Together Fest 2013

by Clint on May 14th 2013

synnack will perform the full live show (with live video) as part of Together Fest in 2013 on Friday May 17th. Our set begins promptly at midnight (so technically speaking, teh show is on the 18th but you'll need to arrive on the 17th to see the start...) ... (continue reading)

I am not a DJ I am a DJ

by Clint on May 14th 2013

This morning I did a DJ set as part of the Together Festival in Boston. Performing electronic music for most people is sort of a hybrid of playing things, and DJing. (... (continue reading)

Max for Live and Audio Reactive Visuals at Together Fest

by Clint on May 7th 2013

synnack will once again deliver a Max for Live technical session at Together Festival in Boston. This time focused on the "audio reactive" synnack ... (continue reading)

synnack DJ set at Together Fest

by Clint on May 7th 2013

synnack will be performing a DJ set Together HQ in the parking lot next to 328 Mass Ave from 11am to noon on Tuesday May 14th. I believe they will also have this setup as a live internet stream as well for those not in Boston. The set will feature a live mashup of drone/ambient works by some we... (continue reading)


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