synnack @ 11 acts in 270 minutes

by Clint on February 25th 2010

synnack is confirmed to be performing at a private experimental art showcase in the Boston, MA area on March 11th 2010. Further details on logistics require rsvp to This set will feature new visuals by ... (continue reading)

synnack vs Torrent Vaccine @ Kinetik 2010

by Clint on December 31st 2009

synnack versus Torrent Vaccine is confirmed to perform at Festival Kinetik in May 15th 2010 in Montreal. Festival Kinetik is brought to you by two of the three original producers of C.O.M.A - KAO Production and I P... (continue reading)

synnack remixing T-FAKTOR out now

by Clint on December 9th 2009

synnacks remix of T-FAKTORs "Derailer" out now and available for free at ... (continue reading)

synnack @ Slimelight

by Clint on December 9th 2009

Found out today that synnack is confirmed to perform at Londons premier underground nightclub, Slimelight on Saturday, January 16th 2010. The Slimelight 7 Torrens street ISLINGTON - LONDON EC1 1NQ The Slimelight is Londons longest running alternative club dealing in industrial, power-noise,... (continue reading)

synnack vs Torrent Vaccine @ Nitzer Ebb

by Clint on October 20th 2009

synnack will take the stage in a live mashup with Torrent Vaccine in New Orleans once again. This time opening for some small band called Nitzer Ebb. Advanced tickets can be purchased on ... (continue reading)

synnack @ Planet Myer Day 8

by Clint on October 14th 2009

synnack is confirmed to perform at Planet Myer Day 8 at Moritzbastei in Leipzig, Germany on January 8th, Other acts include DESTROID, HECQ, DUPONT, Frank M. Spinath (of Seabound)and more. ... (continue reading)

Laptop Live Performance Tips - Part 3

by Clint on October 4th 2009

Prepare for no/low lighting Laptop performers actualy have the advantage in low light situations. Our chosen tool actually comes with its own built-in light... the computer screen/monitor. Even with that said I have been in some places to perform (DJ booths are a great example) where other... (continue reading)

Laptop Live Performance Tips - Part 2

by Clint on September 21st 2009

Consider heat Computers do weird things when they get too hot (like die). Some computers are worse than others in terms of how they handle heat. If your laptop suffers from this or you're playing in a really hot climate, consider getting a laptop cooling pad such as this Belkin pad shown o... (continue reading)

Laptop Live Performance Tips - Part 1

by Clint on September 13th 2009

One day someone asked me "What do you do?" and in the discussion it dawned on me that there is a common thread through my day job in a large software company, and my other world of musician and artist. Laptop performance. Whether I am performing music in front of an audience, VJing in a club, or pre... (continue reading)

The last day the world stood still

by Clint on September 12th 2009

This week I became a beta tester for Max for Live. I have it installed and I've been messing with it. The world will never be the same after this becomes generally available. Once beta testing is complete and I can talk publicly a... (continue reading)


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