Ableton features synnack live visual work

by Clint on March 19th 2013

... (continue reading)

Whats new in Max for live in Ableton Live 9

by Clint on March 11th 2013

Ableton Live 9 is finally shipping! Of the many new and cool features, the inclusion of Max for Live into Live 9 Suite is a welcome addition that is driving many new users to the world of Max for Live and our community at ma... (continue reading)

synnack quote on

by Clint on March 10th 2013

Cycling74, the makers of the Max programming language and collaborators with Ableton to create Max for Live featured a quote from me on their new ... (continue reading)

synnack @ Berklee Electronica Music Club

by Clint on February 19th 2013

synnack will participate in the Berklee School of Music "Electronica Club" with a lecture and demonstration of the practical uses of Max for Live for audio and visual integration on April 4th 2013. 7:00pm start at 22 The Fenway, Room 112. Follow B... (continue reading)

Reflections on the new 2013 live setup

by Clint on January 19th 2013

Last week synnack performed at Planet Myer Day 11 in Leipzig. The set debuted several new tracks in the works, as well as our new video work. Here's a video of the start of the set plus the first track we ... (continue reading)

Building Tech for Visuals versus Making Art

by Clint on January 1st 2013

Happy New Year 2013. Next week synnack will be performing at Planet Myer Day in Leipzig, Germany. The set will feature 2 new, yet unreleased, tracks from the upcoming v3 release... (continue reading)

Simple RMS Meter in Max for Live

by Clint on November 25th 2012

RMS meters are useful when mastering to look at the relative average levels between tracks (for example). Correlation meters are useful when mastering to identify phase cancellation issues and mono compatibility. As an example, if you were mastering for vinyl and were only listening to the bass freq... (continue reading) Tshirts Now Available

by Clint on November 4th 2012 now has T-Shirts available for purchase. In my August Update about changes to I talked about the move from hosting the site at home, to ... (continue reading)

Ableton Live 9 and Max for Live in Suite Announced

by Clint on October 26th 2012

Ableton has announced a number of exciting things that directly impact the Max for Live community on Primarily, Max for Live will be included in the Ableton Live 9 Suite!!! I don't know how many Suite owners there are, or will be with Live ... (continue reading)

0xf8 VJ Demo Reel

by Clint on October 20th 2012

Back in 2010, I began working with Jennifer McClain to redesign the VJ setup we had been using both for club visuals, and for synnack live performances. I detailed the direction we were taking on the blog. In addition to rebuilding the Ji... (continue reading)


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