Comment Notification

by Clint on August 20th 2011

I recently added a small feature to where you can be notified of comments. I posted here and the Ableton forums a while back looking for feedback on using 3rd party comment systems or just kee... (continue reading) Comment Feedback Needed

by Clint on June 26th 2011

Today I implemented the DISQUS commenting system on this blog. It always amuses me that I get very little comments directly on the blog, yet people will comment frequently on the Facebook/Tweets/Forum posts I do to advertise each blog post. That has me cur... (continue reading)

LineFO update to 1.4

by Clint on May 30th 2011

This weekend I updated one of my first Max for Live devices, LineFO to version 1.4. When M4L first came out, there were quickly many devices shared to modulate parameters. In the most recent M4L update, Ableton even added their own... (continue reading)

synnack remixing Architect So I Went Out

by Clint on May 16th 2011

synnack is happy to announce the synnack remix of "So I Went Out" by Architect was chosen for release on on the new Architect remix release by hymen records. Artist: ... (continue reading)

0xf8 Progress and Upcoming Shows

by Clint on May 15th 2011

In November 2010 I wrote a detailed write-up about what new activity was planned for synnack+0xf8 since the DVD was done. (Read it here: 0xf8 Phase 2). In preparing for two upcoming shows we really wanted to show some progress on the... (continue reading)

synnack @ Refraktion

by Clint on May 10th 2011

Synnack is confirmed to perform at Refraktion in Philadelphia with Oil 10, and Die Sektor on June 9th 2011. Refraktion is held upstairs in the main room at The Arts Garage at 1533 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19130. There is ample free parking and securit... (continue reading)

Reversing Workflow in Max

by Clint on May 8th 2011

@cycling74 recently tweeted asking "What is the best #MaxMSP advice you've ever heard?". A few good responses. I like "use route inside sub-patches so that they only need one inlet" for example. Here's one from me. When starting a new project in max... (continue reading)

Fan Interview

by Clint on May 1st 2011

A year ago, I posted in the blog asking for fan interview questions. As usual, I posted a link to the entry on facebook and twitter. I got a ... (continue reading)

synnack @ THUD

by Clint on April 27th 2011

On May 16th 2011, synnack and 0xf8 will perform a live set at a Kinetik Festival pre-party hosted by THUD! The night will feature an early set by synnack, visuals b... (continue reading)

Great Max tips from Cycling74

by Clint on April 18th 2011

Check out these videos from Cycling74. Awesome tips for getting the most out of Max. For example: Did you know you can build Max for Live devices that will work on Mac and Wi... (continue reading)


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